To configure WHMCS as your hosting automation, you can follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your WHMCS Admin panel.
  2. Click on the wrench icon in the top right corner, then select “System Settings”.
  3. In the System Settings menu, click on “Automation Settings”.
  4. Here, you can configure various automated processes in WHMCS, including suspensions, unsuspensions, terminations, and more. Adjust the settings according to your hosting automation needs.
  5. Make sure you have set up the WHMCS cron job for the automation settings to work properly. The cron job is responsible for executing scheduled tasks in WHMCS.
  6. Save your changes once you have configured the automation settings.

Additionally, you can find detailed documentation and tutorials on configuring WHMCS as your hosting automation on the WHMCS website. They provide step-by-step instructions and videos to guide you through the process.

Please note that WHMCS is a powerful tool for automating hosting processes, but it requires proper configuration and understanding to ensure smooth operation. It is recommended to refer to the official WHMCS documentation or seek assistance from WHMCS support if you encounter any difficulties during the configuration process. Here at you can get assistance on how to configure WHMCS.

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