There are several reasons why you should choose hosting for your OJS PKP (Open Journal Systems – Public Knowledge Project). Here are some key points to consider:

Valuable Help and Support: By choosing a specific OJS hosting provider with maintenance included, you can receive valuable help and support when problems arise. This ensures that your journal management system runs smoothly and efficiently.

Expertise in OJS: OJS hosting providers specialize in hosting and managing OJS installations. They have expertise in handling the technical aspects of OJS, including regular improvements and security updates. This allows you to focus on your journal publishing and editorial tasks without worrying about the technical details.

Cost-Effectiveness: If you are running multiple journals, PKP hosting services may charge you on a per journal basis, which can be expensive. However, some hosting providers offer cost-effective solutions for hosting multiple journals, allowing you to save on hosting expenses.

Customized Support and Management: Managed OJS hosting ensures a high level of customized support and management. You can expect services tailored to your specific needs, such as a designed server, technical maintenance, upgrades, backups, and training.

Global Accessibility: Hosting your OJS PKP installation allows your institution’s articles and journals to be globally accessible. With its own unique database known as PKP index, OJS provides a reliable solution for hosting and disseminating your institution’s scholarly content.

It is important to note that hosting your OJS PKP installation provides convenience, technical expertise, and support, allowing you to focus on the core aspects of journal publishing and management.

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