Open Source CMS Hosting

The Next-level Open Source CMS Hosting

Up to 6x faster, NVMe SSD

With our Opensource CMS hosting, you'll get up to 6 times faster loading

99.9% uptime, DDoS & malware protection

The best ability is availability—so we make sure your site stays up.

Secure CMS hosting for a safer site

Our DDoS and Intrusion Prevention Solution, we can protect threats

Make every project a success with CMS built for freelance web pros and agencies

The right Open Source CMS hosting for any client

Open Source CMS Hosting

The fastest way to a perfect CMS website Quick to set up, secure, and affordable — our CMS hosting is perfect for simpler projects and freelance jobs. The latest technology and NVMe SSD storage mean the site is fast, secure, and can grow with your client's needs.

Open Source CMS Pro

Dedicated resources for demanding projects. The ideal CMS for agencies that need more project performance, Our services brings together cloud server infrastructure with Litespeed and state-of-the-art caching technology. You'll also get pro-level features like staging.

Make every project a success with CMS built for freelance web pros and agencies

CMS hosting performance without compromises

Built for CMS

Our dedicated server hosting provides more performance than shared hosting and we guarantee 99.9% uptime.

Faster, safer, smarter

Unleash your creativity withOpen Source CMS solutions from us. Our platform is optimized for CMS.

Professional support

Get expert WP support, 24/7/365. Our expert team will be happy to help whenever you have a question

Quick to set up

Install CMS with one click, and make setup even easier. Tell the us what the purpose of the site is, and get design suggestions that fit your project.

Complete Feature Server

Ideal for freelancers or a quick website. Our Hosting includes SSL, email, NVMe SSD storage, and MySQL databases

ISO Data centers

Our ISO-certified data centers guarantee maximum security and data privacy.

Minimize downtime with a secure platform - 99.9% uptime

Secure CMS hosting for a safer site

Anti DDoS

An advanced DDoS shield keeps your site online and denial of service attacks at bay by filtering out suspect traffic.

Unlimited traffic

We don't limit traffic or bandwidth, so you'll never have your traffic throttled or pay overage fees.

Anti Malware

Get automatic malware scans of your site and hosting platform. If a threat is found, you'll be notified instantly. Choose the Boost plan for automatic malware removal, plus other advanced security features.